Reduce the electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone with a BlocSock!

anti radiation cell phone radiation protection pouch being SAR tested
Blocsock cell phone pouch during SAR testing

When we developed the Blocsock, we had two things in mind: the radiation protection phone pouch would have to offer a maximum of measurable protection against radiation, and it should guard against as many as possible of the electromagnetic fields that cell phones produce when they are active.


Cell phones contain many more electronic components than just a high-frequency (HF) antenna, but the fields emitted by the HF antenna seem to cause most of the health effects associates with cell phone use. And here is the catch: microwaves as produced by your cell phone behave differently at different distances from the source of radiation, i. e. the antenna.

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Cell phone in the BlocSock radiation protection phone pouch in use during cell phone call
Cell phone in the BlocSock

During cell phone calls, when you place the phone at your ear, the head is in what is called the near field, that means within the first two wavelengths of the radiation measured from the radiation source. The first two wavelengths at e. g. 900 MHz measure about 66 cm or two ft, so your whole head will be well within this near field during cell phone calls.


Traditional far field shielding methods will provide only partial protection in the near field. In order to be sure that your head is well protected from electromagnetic radiation during cell phone calls, a radiation protection pouch or case needs to a) show good test results in SAR testing - meaning the radiation levels your head is exposed to are very low, and b) come with proof that near field shielding technology is used, in order to protect from all components of the microwave radiation - namely the electric and magnetic component, which in the near field exist separately.


The Blocsock offers both - an excellent reduction of SAR value, and a state of the art near field shielding fabric to offer maximum protection from the microwave radiation emitted by your cell phone.


Get the amazing Blocsock today, and minimize your head's exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


Full Blocsock SAR test report
This is the full SAR test report for the Blocsock!
Blocsock - SAR1-RP77086JD01A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB