EMF Protection made easy: How to measure & reduce your electromagnetic field exposure!

CEMprotec 34 EMF meter in enhanced high frequency mode, measuring 5G RF radiation levels.
CEMprotec 34 EMF 5G meter - detects 2G 3G 4G 5G radiation

The CEMPROTEC 34 EMF detector


Measuring 5G cell phone radiation levels has never been easier! Thanks to the CEMprotec 34 with super sensitive audio function and low- and mid-band 5G cell phone network detection!

Worrying what radiation levels you are exposed to every night while your body tries to repair cellular stress from the day? And about the 5G exposure that may keep you from a restful and restorative sleep?


The new CEMPROTEC 34 model 2023 - replacing the esi 24 EMF meter recommended in Dr. Mercola's book "EMF*D!" - is your perfect tool to reliably assess your EMF and RF exposure.


 NEW in 2023: Improved Sampling rate --> now better than 20 kHz! And also improved sensitivity at low radiation levels! This puts the CEMprotec 34 again in the lead for easy to use tri-field EMF meters.


Key features:

  • Full 3-D Gauss meter function: super-sensitive and accurate
  • Electric field assessment: for the low frequency fields from power lines, power strips and electric and electronic appliances, especially important for bedroom environments. NOTE: electricity has a frequency of 60 Hertz, your brainwaves at night should be below 7 Hertz. Act now and measure and reduce your exposure for a good nights rest!
  • Super wide RF range - for 2G/3G/4G and 5G cell phone networks. From 1 MHz to 10 GHz!

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Bed Canopy with Swiss Shield® electromagnetic radiation protection fabric - create bedroom environment low in electromagnetic radiation using patented Swiss Shield® EMF shielding fabrics
Bed Canopy with Swiss Shield® electromagnetic radiation protection fabric for healthy sleep

Want to create a healthy bedroom environment?

Use Swiss Shield® EMF protection bed canopies and Swiss Shield® EMF protection fabrics to achieve optimum sleep!


Rejuvenating sleep and relaxation depend on a healthy, peaceful bedroom environment. Reduce today's ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation from WiFi access points, cordless phones, cellphone towers and much more and experience a truly peaceful bedroom environment.


Electromagnetic radiation protection for the bedroom has never been so easy and so stylish: choose from several luxurious fabrics and create your own personal dream environment. Continue reading


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The FM5 MM Wave Meter

Measuring 5G Millimeter Waves is becoming easy and affordable!

The FM5 is an EMF meter to measure regular cell phone networks and millimeter wave 5G networks, all in one meter.

Frequency Range FM5 Base unit: 40 MHz to 10 GHz
Frequency Range FM5 Complete 30 with the first available millimeter wave module installed: 24 GHz to 32 GHz


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Learn more about the FM5 Millimeter Wave Meter here!


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