Easy ways to measure & reduce your EMF exposure!

esi 24 EMF monitor EMF meter in enhanced high frequenc mode, measuring microwaves - RF radiation levels.
esi 24 EMF monitor measuring microwaves - RF radiation levels from cell phone tower.

The esi 24 EMF detector - now with sound demodulation

and new electronics for better 5G detection!


Measuring microwaves & RF radiation has never been this easy!


The German built esi 24 EMF detector has fast become a favorite for easy and reliable assessment of individual EMF and electromagnetic radiation exposure, for living spaces and office environments alike. Featured as recommended meter in Dr. Mercola's new book "EMF*D!"


Key features:

  • Full 3-D Gauss meter function: super-sensitive and accurate
  • Electric field assessment: especially important for bedroom environments
  • Excellent for RF - microwave radiation: measures from 30 MHz to 10 GHz

Learn more about the esi 24 EMF detector!


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The Blocsock electromagnetic radiation protection cell phone pouch gives maximum protection from microwaves emitted by cell phones.

BlocSockTM, the amazing cell phone pouch - reduces radiation from your phone by 96%!


The easy way to reduce electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone and make it a super low radiation phone. Reduces SAR value of cell phones by 96 %! BlocSock cell phone pouch gives maximum electromagnetic radiation protection to your head during cell phone calls. A state of the art near field shielding fabric provides ultimate protection for your head and body. Continue reading


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Make your cell phone a super-low SAR phone now!

BlocSock - electromagnetic radiation protection made easy!

BlocSockTM phone pouch reduces electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone by 96%!


BlocSock provides maximum  electromagnetic radiation protection for your head & body during cell phone calls and when carrying the phone on your body. Continue reading


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Bed Canopy with Swiss Shield® electromagnetic radiation protection fabric - create bedroom environment low in electromagnetic radiation using patented Swiss Shield® EMF shielding fabrics
Bed Canopy with Swiss Shield® electromagnetic radiation protection fabric for healthy sleep

Want a healthy bedroom environment? Choose electromagnetic radiation protection with Swiss Shield® EMF shielding fabrics!


Rejuvenating sleep and relaxation depend on a healthy, peaceful bedroom environment. Reduce today's ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation from WiFi access points, cordless phones, cellphone towers and much more and experience a truly peaceful bedroom environment.


Electromagnetic radiation protection for the bedroom has never been so easy and so stylish: choose from several luxurious fabrics and create your own personal dream environment. Continue reading


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Need ideas and materials for your science project? Click here for educational kits on EMF! Click here for electromagnetic radiation meters!


Find high tech microwave reflecting fabrics for EMF protection here: Swiss Shield shielding fabrics for personal EMF protection


1. Reduce your exposure: keep your electromagnetic radiation exposure within reasonable bounds. Easy to follow guidelines to minimize your day-to-day radiation exposure. Continue reading


2. Measure and assess: find out what levels of electromagnetic radiation you encounter in everyday life. Learn about EMF detectors and electromagnetic radiation exposure guidelines. Continue reading


3. Science: electromagnetic radiation has been in the news concerning various possible health effects. Microwave radiation emitted from cell phones has been pronounced a possible carcinogen by the WHO. Learn more about EMF and electromagnetic radiation on the science page.


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