The FM5 MM Wave Meter - how to measure millimeter wave 5G networks!


Measuring 5G Millimeter Waves is now easy and affordable!

The FM5 is an EMF meter to measure regular cell phone networks and millimeter wave 5G networks, all in one meter.

Frequency Range FM5 Base unit: 40 MHz to 10 GHz
Frequency Range FM5 Complete 30 with the first available millimeter wave module installed: 24 GHz to 32 GHz


This means the FM5 Base has one frequency range: 40 MHz to 10 GHz.

The FM5 Complete 30 has two frequency ranges: 40 MHz to 10 GHz and 24 GHz to 32 GHz. You can switch between those two frequency ranges, so you get readings for 40 MHz to 10 GHZ, and separate readings for 24 GHz to 32 GHz.



FM5 Buildings Biology Millimeter Wave meter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does Freedom Monitor mean?
    FM is the abbreviation for Freedom Monitor, the 5 stands for the 5G networks. This is how we got to the name FM5.
  2. What is the Sensitivity of the meter?
    For 40MHz to 10GHz
    Sensitivity: 1μW/m²
    Noise floor: Better than 1µW/m² (the 10µW/m² given in the first batch of booklets are a typo)
    For 24GHz to 32GHz
    Sensitivity: 1μW/m²
    Noise floor: Better than 100μW/m²
    μW/m² = microWatts per square meter
  3. Why is the Noise Floor in the millimeter wave module 100 microWatts per square meter?
    The R&D and production for this meter are mainly done by an innovations electronics development company, with in depth testing in the EUROFINS Laboratory in Bristol, UK. This noise floor level is the best reasonably achievable level at the moment, and the result of more than two years of intensive R&D (development for the FM5 started in May 2020). The noise floor can be lowered electronically to achieve nicer numbers (some companies do that), but we decided against this. As we are seeing values of up to millions of microWatts per square meter near active 5G millimeter wave devices and in active cell tower beams we feel confident that this noise level will not really interfere with detection activities.
  4. Where is the meter produced? The FM5 is produced in a specialized facility in the UK.
  5. Why is the Frequency Range of the MM wave module 24 GHz to 32 GHz? For a number of reasons: Firstly, the frequencies of a lot of the currently active millimeter wave 5G networks out there; a number of them actually use frequencies in that range. Secondly, parts availability and component pricing. You are probably aware that some other meters are actually out there that can measure MM waves, but those are usually hugely expensive, easily costing 10 K or even more. This meter is a new concept that uses professional grade components in a much more affordable product, thus the current frequency range.
  6. Can I get the base unit now and later Upgrade with a MM module? Yes, that can be done.
  7. How do I upgrade from the Base to the Complete30? You send the meter to an authorized dealer, who will install the MM wave module and send the upgraded meter back to you. If the MM wave module is to be upgraded at the producer in the UK the end user will cover international shipping both ways, but you can also self fit (if experienced with electronics equipment) or use country specific authorized dealers for upgrades.
  8. What is the Power Supply? Power supply is a 9 Volt block battery (included). We recommend rechargeable batteries, as the millimeter wave module draws a lot of current. Depending on how frequently you use the millimeter wave module the battery life may be rather short, so rechargeable batteries (costing only a few dollars) definitely make sense.
  9. To be continued. Please email questions to emf[at]


Affordable assessment tool for millimeter wave 5G networks. Recommended by leading building biologists.


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 Engineered and produced in the UK!


Why choose the FM5 millimeter wave meter?

FM5 testing of the prototype in this video on Instagram
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FM5 millimeter wave meter in production
FM5 millimeter wave meter in production

Here some videos of the FM5 in action!

 Please email questions to emf[at]


Engineered and produced in the UK!