The CEMPROTEC 34 Tri-Field EMF meter - measure the electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to!


The new CEMPROTEC 34 emf meter - with super sensitive audio function and low- and midband 5G signal detection!


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EMF Protection made easy: Measuring EMF with the CEMprotec esi 34.

The CEMprotec 34 is a unique emf detector with patented electronics.

  • measures high frequency electromagnetic radiation - 2G/3G/4G/5G cell phone networks and most RF and microwaves sources from 1 MHz up to 10 Gigahertz. Detects low- and midband 5G frequencies, that is all permanent 5G networks!
  • includes a 3D Gauss meter function with excellent sensitivity, starting from as low as 20 nanoTesla = 0.2 milliGauss
  • true trifield meter: measures and rates low frequency fields and high frequency EMF
  • simultaneous display of AC magnetic field, AC electric field and RF - microwave radiation levels


Engineered and produced in France!


Get the ultimate EMF assessment tool for your own home. Recommended by leading building biologists!


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Technical data - frequency ranges:

 Magnetic field: 10 Hz to 5 KHz

 Electric field: 10 Hz to 5 KHz

 Radiowaves - microwaves: 1 MHz to 10 GHz

  • super-sensitive Gauss meter function: three-dimensional magnetic field measurement with LED rating of values!
  • enhanced high frequency mode with sensitive and accurate assessment of your microwave exposure situation
  • CEMPROTEC 34 emf detector comes with super sensitive audio function - listen to the different microwave signal forms that you are exposed to in your home or office!


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Information about the CEMPROTEC 34 in German



Why choose the CEMPROTEC 34 emf detector?

The CEMPROTEC 34 emf monitor provides

  • perfectly easy to understand measuring of electromagnetic fields - super easy emf exposure information for interested laypersons
  • sophisticated features and accurate readings - the CEMPROTEC 34 qualifies as a first line assessment tool for emf professionals
  • a perfectly quick and easy to read overview of your emf exposure situation at home, in your office and when traveling
  • discreet monitor design with integrated RF - microwave antenna: now you can measure emf anywhere without drawing attention, and without the hassle of having to install an external antenna
  • Super-compact size, fits in any pocket - well, almost any pocket.


The amazing CEMPROTEC 34 - buy your perfect personal emf detector!


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CEMprotec 34 manual in English
Download the CEMprotec esi 34 manual.
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