The boiling frog syndrome - or why "I am not doing so bad!" is not nearly good enough.

Mobile phone towers - cell phone towers and point-to-point radio antennas on the roofs of apartment buildings in Vienna, Austria.
Multiple mobile phone towers - cell phone towers and point-to-point radio antennas on the roofs of city-owned apartment buildings in Vienna, Austria.


What is the boiling frog syndrome and why do I think it is relevant when it comes to EMF exposure?


The boiling frog syndrome is an expression used for changes that occur gradually over longer periods of time, and so may go unnoticed until major changes have taken place. With regard to microwave exposure from e. g. cell phone towers this means that people initially do not perceive any changes. The human organism can adapt to quite significant environmental changes over long periods of time. As a result it may take quite a while for a person to notice that their sense of well-being and their health has declined, since we have no sensory organ that would make us directly aware of the elevated microwave radiation we are exposed to.


Initially persons may even feel an increased sense of well-being, as some studies suggest that microwave exposure may increase cortisol levels (e. g. Effects of exposure to GSM mobile phone base station signals on salivary cortisol, alpha-amylase, and immunoglobulin A., Augner C, Hacker GW, Oberfeld G, Florian M, Hitzl W, Hutter J, Pauser G., June 2010). This may in the beginning give you a feeling of more energy than usual. But after some time the body's ability to deal with the constantly high stress level may decline, and you may notice first signs of feeling less energetic and actually notice that things are not as they used to be. But then we all are under stress, you do not have a serious disease, you just feel a little out of sorts at times, and who doesn't feel a little down on occasion?

Cell phone towers on apartment buildings with railway line power cable in front in Vienna, Austria.
Cell phone towers on apartment buildings with railway power cable in front.

And this is exactly where the danger lies! I do not know about you, but I certainly do not want to merely survive but to thrive!


When you look at the pictures above and to the left, you can see that occupants will likely be exposed to microwaves from the cell phone antennas, Dirty Electricity from the systems control for those antennas, magnetic fields from the railway line in front, and whatever other EMF the electric appliances and wireless devices in the building will produce.


I have measured EMF in similar situations, and what was most interesting to me was the story a couple that lived in one of those places had to tell. They suspected all kinds of things and even went to marriage counseling, because if both partners feel irritable and discontent all the time, surely something is wrong with the marriage, right? But then again maybe you just happen to live on the top floor of a nice apartment building with 10 cell phone towers within a distance of 200 yards, and are exposed to the microwave radiation from those cell phone towers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And chances are the electromagnetic radiation from all those antennas is what is making you bad-tempered and irritable.


Why do I tell you this? Because I know from experience that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So if you do not feel as energetic as you think you should, and if you suspect that EMF could be part of the problem, get an EMF detector, look at your exposure, and take action if needed. Your health is the most precious thing you have, and keeping an eye on your EMF exposure can make an enormous difference in how you feel in your day-to-day life!


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